The Ross Community Center Response to the Coronavirus

March 12, 2020

As the coronavirus (COVID – 19) crisis continues to evolve, we are living in a time of heightened alert, which in our city means we are taking preventive measures to confront this crisis. For the Ross Community Center, the safety of our children, families and all community members, staff and volunteers is of fundamental importance. At this time, we continue with our normal operations to provide support to our community as we take all necessary measures of precaution, hygiene and sanitary practices to continue to create a safe space for all.

We are following the recommendations of the Centers for Disease Control, Indiana State Department of Health, and Delaware County Department of Health, and are working closely with our healthcare organizations to protect ourselves and our community, and ask all to do so. At our center, all participants, from the youngest to the oldest are practicing simple and effective good hygiene such as frequently washing our hands for at least twenty seconds, not touching your face, disinfecting all surfaces, and particularly high traffic ones such as doorknobs, lights, switches, tables, desks and handrails, and covering coughs and sneezes, then washing hands again. We also have hand sanitizers in multiple areas throughout the center.

At present Muncie Community Schools continue their operations and we continue to support them in afterschool programming. As the situation evolves, however, in consultation and collaboration with our health organizations and sister organizations who serve our children and families, we will decide what measures to take that will collaboratively enhance the safety of our community. Should we decide to close at any time, it will be to ensure the safety of all. We will continue to work together with you as we live through these critical times together. We will keep you updated as the situation evolves.

Please see important recommendations and continual updates with regard to the coronavirus COVID-9 at the following links:

Centers for Disease Control

Indiana State Department of Health

Governor Holcomb announces new steps to protect public from COVID-19

In community,

Jacqueline Hanoman
Executive Director
Ross Community Center

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