Bedroom organization at its best

By Conner Tighe

If you’re like me, you might be finding less and less room in your bedroom for what matters most. Whether it’s fish tanks, plants, books, clothes, and more, there are ways to organize what seems like clutter. I’ve listed some simple ways to stay organized and the power of shelves.

Plant stand

Houseplants add color to any section of the house, but some people like them in their bedrooms. Adding a small plant stand next to a window or where the stand has access to sunlight is beneficial for the plants. If you don’t have a green thumb, no worries; even adding a simple artificial plant can do wonders for any room of the house that needs color.

Flag or poster

Is there a cause organization you stand firmly behind? Adding a wall tapestry or poster of something meaningful to you will greet you every time you enter your bedroom. Remember not to get too carried away with wall hangings, as it can take away the color and attention from everything else in the bedroom.


Although books and novels are as cozy as it gets, adding them to a bedroom makes your sanctuary that much more special. Stores like Hobby Lobby and Michaels might have artificial or stockholder books that appear natural from a glance for those that don’t read much. The fun part is deciding where to show them off, whether it’s a bookcase, shelf, or a simple pile on the bedside table or nightstand.

A clean vanity

Even if a vanity mirror shows off your good looks for the day, the vanity itself might not look its best. Sometimes a vanity might turn into the “pile-up” shelf where everything gets tossed when there’s room nowhere else. Take some time to throw the stuff you don’t use away or donate it, while placing clothes in drawers and closing them. If you’re feeling extra fancy, polish off the top and mirror with some dusting spray to give the vanity a finishing touch.

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