Blue county trend continues, Delaware remains steady

By Conner Tighe

Two Delaware County residents have died from COVID-19 causes. The deaths add to the over 16,000 Hoosiers who have died as a result of the COVID-19 virus. However, Delaware remains at the yellow advisory level, the lowest advisory level.

Last week Monroe, who had been blue, meaning little to no virus contraction, shifted to yellow. Fayette, which was yellow, has moved to blue, the only blue county as of now. LaGrange and Grant have shifted to red, the highest advisory level. Last week, Blackford was the only red county, which has since moved to orange, the second-highest advisory level. 

Delaware’s vaccinated residents are slowly but surely reaching 51,000. Marion continues to be the highest vaccinated county, with Lake and Hamilton following close behind. This update comes as many schedule their booster vaccines throughout the month and next month.

Sources: IN.Gov (Advisory Levels)IN.Gov (Vaccination Rates)

Featured Image: IN.Gov (Advisory Levels)

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