Board of director changes

By Conner Tighe & Jacqueline Hanoman

It is absolutely wonderful how dedicated some of our former board members are to our center. We cherish them and are humbled by their dedication. Tania Said left our Board earlier in 2021, but continues to be a close friend and supporter of the Ross Community Center. An example of her continuing dedication to our mission is that she did a fundraiser for us for her birthday. James Harding, who left our Board in 2020 and retired from Muncie Central, has dedicated himself to making our baseball fields look beautiful upon retirement. We thank them both for their years of hard work and commitment to us.

This year, the Ross Community added four members to the Board of Directors, making 11 members total. Additional members include:

  • Gabriel Tait: Associate Professor, Department of Journalism, Ball State University
  • Courtney Bishop: Community Engagement Program Coordinator, Open Door Health Services
  • Peggy Lewis: Retired, Teachers College, Ball State University
  • Jennifer Warrner: Assistant Professor, Construction Management, Ball State University

Rachel Stahlke’s position has changed to Sr. Technical Program Manager of Twilio. 

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