Building our brand, and why it matters

By Conner Tighe

We’ve documented on more than one occasion that the Ross Community Center has been in Muncie since 1974, yet many residents know little about our location or anything at all. Before 2020, I fell into that category myself. I’ve lived in Muncie nearly my whole life and have not been at all familiar with the Ross Community Center. To put this into more perspective, I’d been there when I was an infant and had not known it. Call this an ample blank space. 

Muncie has several nonprofits, too many to name, but only one community center. And to top it off, the Ross Community Center serves every age rather than just youth or seniors. Our executive director Jacqueline Hanoman told me this, yet I managed to see it myself. It’s true; from the moment you walk in, you’re greeted with care and optimism, unlike most businesses today. In one room may be an activity with elementary students, while in another may be a sewing class for adults. You truly never know what you’re walking into.

Based on my observations alone, the Ross Community Center has been adaptive in a two-year span. The global pandemic has forced the center to change the way we conduct business, communicate with others, and our health protocols as a whole. But the year is 2022, and the location remains open, persevering through it all to ensure we’re serving others as long as possible. 

I commonly inform others that I’ve never met a more selfless person than Mrs. Hanoman because it’s the truth. Ever since I first met Hanoman, she’s been determined to reorganize, reinform, and establish the Ross Community Center to a bigger and better location for years to come. I’ve collaborated with Hanoman on several occasions at the Ross Community Center, where I’ve witnessed firsthand how caring and inspiring our executive director is.

I had written a social media post last year during the springtime. We all were reading with the kids after they’d been dropped off by the school bus. Hanoman was underneath a nearby tree, reading a children’s book that escapes my mind. There’s a certain caring nature and drive to be there for others within Hanoman. 

I’ve been tasked to build our brand through digital efforts for approximately a year. This article comes straight from my memory, and creates the inspiration for future writing opportunities. The truth is, I don’t think there will be another location like this one in Muncie once the time comes. I’ve come to find the Ross Community Center is built from simple, caring, and trusting individuals who will do everything to help others. 

Our brand is built on one simple ingredient, care. I hope to continue spreading this message as time goes on. If there’s a will, there’s a way, and here, there’s always a way.

Sources: Ross Community Center

Featured Image: Taylor Bowers

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