Delaware’s positivity rate increases

Indiana remains completely red for a second week in a row as cases increase statewide. 

Parke has been flagged this week for its spike in COVID-19 cases, which are over 1,000. The county’s positivity rate is nearing 37%.

Delaware has two COVID-19 related deaths reported this week and 100 new cases of COVID-19. The county’s positivity has increased by approximately 6%, from 23.15% last week to 29.9%.

Over 2,500 state residents have been newly vaccinated, while a little over 54,000 of them come from Delaware. Forty-five Delaware residents have been newly vaccinated 87 booster vaccines have been administered.

Sources: IN.Gov (Advisory Levels)IN.Gov (Vaccination Rates)

Featured Image: IN.Gov (Advisory Levels)

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