Drawing your main character

By Conner Tighe

Approximately 10 kids in the Comic Book Workshop program were led in discussion and drawing by Ball State University’s Emilie Schiess and Jacob Lauve. Schiess is an assistant lecturer of English, while Lauve is a graduate student. 

Today’s class talked about what makes a hero heroic, specifically Marvel’s Spider-Man. From his color patterns to his spider-like abilities and landing pose, Lauve and Schiess stirred heavy discussion on why Spider-Man is so recognizable and how it translates to all superheroes. The  discussion was followed by talking about My Hero Academia and its main protagonist Izuku Midoriya “Deku.” 

Lastly, the kids were tasked with drawing their main character/favorite superhero in any way they saw fit. There was much excitement and coloring as kids exchanged colored pencils to craft their ultimate hero.

These classes will continue through the end of January.

Featured Image: Taken by Conner Tighe

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