Emerging From The Shell: The First Week of Easing Restrictions

After seven weeks of shutdown in our city, some restrictions are slowing being lifted. We emerge from this crisis in a substantially different mindset from how we entered it. Or at least those of us who are more optimistic hope so. We hope we have taken this time to think about our personal health and that of our community, slow down our frenetic pace, savor the time with our families and enjoy nature. The fact that nature around the world is rebounding is absolutely wonderful, but how long will it be until we go back to our old ways?Photo by:  

It is important for us to remember that, despite the easing of some restrictions, COVID-19 is still very much present in our lives, and we need to continue to be careful; extremely careful. We can enjoy the sunshine, we can gradually go a few more places, but we must continue our physical distancing, we must wear our face masks, and we must continue to vigorously wash our hands. Our lives, and those of our loved ones, our friends and our community depend on it. By being careful with ourselves, we show how much we care for others. By loving ourselves, by respecting ourselves, we respect others.

The Ross Community Center will not resume our onsite programming for the next few weeks, and when we do, it will be very gradually, and with the greatest care. We will follow the strictest rules of hygiene and self care by keeping our building continuously disinfected, wearing face masks, washing our hands continuously and maintaining physical distancing. We will ask all who come to our center to do the same. Those will continue to be the rules. The safety and health of all is our first priority.

Jacquie Hanoman

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