Free English Class Program at The Ross Center

By Rachel Geiger

MUNCIE, Ind. – The Ross Community Center offers a free and convenient way to learn English, while deepening its connection with the community. Along with the Intensive English Institute at Ball State University as well as Muncie Community Schools, the Ross Center offers free beginner, intermediate, and conversation English classes for the people within the community.

“These classes truly are amazing because they help to connect not only people in the community who do not know the English language, but also for those who are unable to pay for a class to learn,” said Amanda Owens, impact coordinator.

Because of COVID-19, the Ross Center now offers the classes virtually.

“They work on English at every session and they also come together and bring some of their traditional food in at the end of the semester,” Owens said.  “It really does bring a community together because you have the option of the ‘classroom experience’ with options like learning circles such as Taylors Learning Circle and Facebook groups,” said Andrea Willis, director of Internet and Media Services for USA Learns.

This article was written before pandemic conditions. As of right now, The Ross Community Center does not offer these classes.

Featured Image: Ross Community Center

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