Growing in 2020!

We have begun 2020 with great hope. It is the year of creative, intentional and sustainable growth for the Ross Community Center. Over the last four years we have been working hard to build our center into the community center we have been dreaming of;  a marvelous place where people of all ages come together to enjoy beautiful spaces of tranquility, recreation, and lifelong learning, to enhance their physical and emotional health and wellness. We still have quite a way to go, but how wonderful it feels to be carving this path toward our vision!

So what are we looking forward to in 2020? Among other things:

  • 400 kids playing baseball on our ballfields in May. Let’s have these fields overflowing with kids enjoying themselves!

  • Building our third baseball field and preparing for tournaments in 2021.

  • Enhancing Rose Park, to make it a more beautiful space for our community friends to gather, children and youth to play and learn in our outdoor recreational and learning spaces with lush gardens.

  • Creating more new greenspaces to strengthen physical and emotional health and wellness.

  • Building our new outdoor basketball/pickleball court for all to enjoy.

  • Our Second Annual International Festival in September 2020.

  • The first International Takeout this year, The World at Your Table.

  • Creating our bountiful vegetable and fruit garden and expanding our weekly free community market to continue to address the challenges of food insecurity in our neighborhoods.

  • Expanding our afterschool and out-of-school programming, through which we foster creativity and imagination in our children and youth.

  • Our award winning out-of-school summer programs.

  • Expanding our programming for community friends of all ages.

What a fantastic year it is turning out to be! Come join us!

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