Have your Cheetos and wear them too

By Conner Tighe

The Deja tu Huella Campaign “leave your mark” which began last year, is expanding its collaboration this time with a unique idea. The dust-covered snack company is releasing a Cheetos-inspired outfit complete for any Cheetos enthusiast. The partnership with singer Bad Bunny follows a larger trend customers are witnessing everywhere. 

Image from Dallas Morning News

Panera Bread suffered a customer shortage due to the pandemic and earlier this month, released a limited edition swimwear inspired by their beloved broccoli cheddar soup. If this wasn’t enough, a floaty ring shaped like a bread bowl was also put up for sale. Vizzy released a similar product simultaneously but offered scented swimsuits, coming in flavors strawberry kiwi, pineapple mango, and raspberry lemonade. 

The Cheetos dust “cheetle” must be used on a “Cheetle ID” scanner when purchasing the swimwear as it will prove who wants the outfit most. The first 100 buyers will be inspected for “cheetle” and those who don’t make the cut must wait until the fashion extravaganza drops Aug. 6. The DejatuHuella TikTok Hashtag Challenge will provide 10 selected students with $50,000. Participants must submit a 60-second video of themselves displaying how they are “leaving their mark” on the world. Registration ends Aug. 18 and winners will be announced sometime during this year.

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Images: Dallas Morning News

Featured Image: PR Newswire

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