Indiana facing its lowest COVID-19 cases since early 2020

By Conner Tighe

The data listed is rapidly developing, and may be different when read later on.

Although Delaware County remains in the “yellow,” meaning steady pacing of new COVID-19 cases, Indiana is at its lowest number of cases since March 2020 when the world entered the Pandemic and following the global shutdown. Delaware County is one of the few eastern Indiana counties to remain in the “yellow” beside Decatur, Jennings, LaGrange, and Steuben. Over 10,000 positive cases have been reported, with six recent cases added to the bunch. However, only two recent deaths have been accounted for.

The ongoing pandemic is hitting Allen, Lake, and Marion Counties the hardest, with Marion topping out at over 102,000 cases recently. The three counties create an unintentional triangle over the state, representing that well after the pandemic year, COVID-19 continues to persist, although the virus seems to be losing. The worst the state faced was back in December when over 5,000 new cases cropped up over the holiday season.

Over 2 million Hoosiers have been vaccinated, with 36% of those individuals being fully vaccinated. However, Indiana represents only a tiny fraction of the 140 million Americans that have been fully vaccinated. California maintains the most vaccinated individuals at over 17 million residents. The United States has over eight times more totally vaccinated people than Mexico and Canada combined.

Although the vaccine remains in official’s hands and more folks get vaccinated, it remains unclear when the world will eradicate the COVID-19 virus for good.

Sources: IN.Gov, The New York Times, Our World in Data

Featured Image: BBC America

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