‘Love, Victor’ returning this month on Hulu

By Conner Tighe

Warning: This review may contain spoilers for “Love, Simon” and “Love, Victor”

Just in time for Pride Month, Hulu’s beloved show Love, Victor is returning to the streaming platform later this month to continue Victor Salazar’s (Michael Cimino) personal journey at Creekwood High School. The show was inspired by 2018’s Love, Simon, which focused on Simon Spier (Nick Robinson), who also struggled with his sexuality while attending Creekwood. Spier created an online persona to connect with an anonymous online user who was struggling to “come out.” After fear of being blackmailed by student Martin Addison (Logan Miller), he tries to connect Addison with friend Abby Suso (Alexandra Shipp).

When Salazar moves to Georgia to attend Creekwood, he meets friends Felix (Anthony Turpel), Andrew (Mason Gooding), Mia (Rachel Hilson), and Lake (Bebe Wood). Keeping up the charade that he’s straight to fit in, he meets Benji (George Sear), an “out” student at Creekwood, where he begins to question his sexuality. While living with a strictly conservative family, Salazar finds comfort in emailing Spier as he became well-known after “coming out” at Creekwood.

After meeting Spier and his boyfriend Bram Greenfeld (Keiynan Lonsdale), Salazar finds the courage to approach Benji and confront his own feelings. The two eventually begin to date, and the season ends with Salazar “coming out” to his family. Love, Victor will return to Hulu June 11. You can watch the trailer here.

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Featured Image: Fandom

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