Music lineup of the week

By Conner Tighe

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The Wonderlands: “Tightrope” 8/10

Image from Journal-News

Lead singer Miles Jena delivers stupendously with Wonderlands’  latest single, “Tightrope.” By combining jazz, pop, and a dose of reality, the band bounces back with one of their best tracks of recently.

Billie Eilish: Happier Than Ever 8/10

Image from Genius

Eilish whispers her way to the top, breaking all expectations with Happier Than Ever. Her melancholy, slow vocals are sure to bring many fans back to the singer for more.

Silk Sonic: “Skate” 7/10

Image from Spotify

Bruno Mars and Anderson .Paak revives the best of disco with their latest single, “Skate.” Feel free to travel back in time with a much-needed reminder of good times underneath the disco ball.

Mind the Goat: [blossom] 9/10

Image from Bandcamp

As one of the best independent talents of his time, Mind the Goat once again delivers pure gold with the instrumental EP [blossom] running along with the 2019 EP Angsty Quarters

Daughtry: “Lioness” 6/10

Image from YouTube

Although Daughtry delivered a mediocre and decently produced single, the band runs stale with overall performance. The band never fails to stray from their original sound and it could be this very reason why their latest “Lioness” mixes in with background noise.

All Time Low feat. Pale Waves: “PMA” 6/10

Image from Genius

The amazing All Time Low keeps early 2000 angst alive with their latest single, “PMA.” With accompanying vocals from Pale Waves, the performance only grows that much stronger.

Darren Criss: “for a night like this” 7/10

Image from Genius

Criss’ new age movement continues with single, “for a night like this,” which rivals “F*KN Around.” The former Glee star continues to prove there’s nothing he can’t do.

David Archuleta: “Movin’ – After Hours” 6/10

Image from Ink

While Archuleta’s flawless vocals continue into his latest single, “Movin’ – After Hours,” it’s not enough to save this stale performance.






Images: Journal-News, Genius (Happier Than Ever), Spotify, Bandcamp, YouTube, Genius (PMA), Genius (for a night like this), Ink

Featured Image: Genius

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