Our Friend Alice

The Ross Community Center is in mourning. We have lost our dear friend Alice Bennett, who was an amazing woman and passionate advocate for our center. Alice was on our Board of Directors for a number of years and worked hard to keep our center going through hard times, and transform it into a vibrant place to build community. Even after she left our Board, she continued to advocate for us with everyone she met, never missed any of our events and cheered us on. She was fierce, strong, smart and dedicated to making the world a better place. Her fight for social justice in the smallest of contexts and in the largest arenas characterized her path in life.

It was my honor to have known Alice these last three years, and I will never forget her. I enjoyed her dry wit, cheeky laughter, incredible support, absolute passion for life and social justice. She became one of my greatest supporters and always made time for a conversation, a question, and deep philosophical discussion.

We will miss you dearly Alice. I will miss seeing you walk through the door with a big smile on your face and your cheerful, witty greeting. I will miss seeing you at every Community Fun Day, Christmas Party, and celebration we have. I will miss you cheering me on at all times. I will miss our deep philosophical discussions and your rich laughter. Even though you will no longer walk through the doors, you will always be with us, for your legacy lives on with each of us whose life you have touched, and with the Ross Community Center. We are better because of you.

Thank you for having been in our lives.

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