Red counties increase, bordering Delaware

By Conner Tighe

The number of red counties has increased this week to 25. New red counties include LaGrange, Miami, Carroll, Vermillion, Fountain, Rush, Switzerland, Dearborn, Harrison, and Delaware’s neighboring county, Henry.

Whitley, Hendricks, Bartholomew, Crawford, Spencer, and Gibson counties have gone to orange, the second-highest advisory level. Tippecanoe has gone down to yellow, the lowest advisory level.

One COVID-19 related death has been reported in Delaware. New cases have decreased to 57 compared to 97 last week. The number of vaccinated individuals has increased by over 500 residents, bringing the amount to 48,763 residents.

Sources: IN.Gov (Advisory Levels), IN.Gov (Vaccination Rates)

Featured Image: IN.Gov (Advisory Levels)

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