Red counties increase, Delaware remains orange

By Conner Tighe

Over 90% of Indiana now lies either in the orange or red this week as previous blue counties shift back to orange or yellow. Delaware County remains orange as surrounding counties Grant and Jay are red. 

Additional red counties include Jennings, Brown, Wabash, Whitley, Noble, DeKalb, Steuben, LaGrange, and Elkhart. Less than 10 yellow counties remain, including Sullivan, Monroe, Martin, Jackson, Dubois, Spencer, Crawford, and Harrison. 

Seventeen new COVID-19 related deaths have been recorded in Indiana, while one of them comes from Delaware. The county’s positivity rate has increased to 11.38%, whereas it was 9.7% last week. New cases include 71 residents.

Newly vaccinated Hoosiers stands over 2,000. Fully vaccinated residents in Delaware stand over 51,300. Booster vaccination rates are increasing, on their way to as many as second dose rates. Marion continues to be the most vaccinated county, standing at over 500,000 vaccinated residents.

Sources: IN.Gov (Advisory Levels)IN.Gov (Vaccination Rates)

Featured Image: IN.Gov (Advisory Levels)

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