Ross Community Center receives award for community service

Muncie community members were recognized on Feb. 5 for their efforts and service to the surrounding community. One of the organizations presented with an award was the Ross Community Center for its community service efforts. Executive director Jacqueline Hanoman received the award.

“I’m deeply honored to accept this award on behalf of the Ross Community Center. It is a pleasure to be at the center and to work with our community,” said Hanoman.

The Black History Month Celebration event was held at the Minnetrista Museum & Gardens. Betty Brewer, the president and CEO of Minnetrista, hosted the event.

“It is important to have a Black History Month, but it’s also more important to know Black History is OUR history,” said Brewer.

Recognizing community members

WaTasha Barnes Griffin, the chair of the Martin Luther King Dream Team, initiated the presentation. Starting with the research and knowledge of Black History Month, Barnes Griffin took the time to recognize each individual of the MLK Dream Team.

Each member of the board presented the service and issues faced by the talents of the society. Government grants and education for the Muncie schools were another form of discussion.

The Ross Community Center was established in 1974 as the Garland E. Ross Recreational Center. Hanoman joined the Ross Community Center approximately in 2019, where she established dedication to community members. The community markets, which occur every Friday, were one of the significant changes Hanoman brought to the center.

“I conceptualized the market to be a fertile space of community engagement, emotional and nutritional well-being, and access to food and nonessential food items,” said Hanoman.

Hanoman was granted other awards for her community efforts, like the Community Hero Award last year.

She established a vision for the Ross Community Center that considered two main passions; lifelong learning and wellness. Hanoman works to engage with individuals of the Muncie community, specifically the surrounding Avondale and Thomas Park neighborhoods.

Education from Ball State University, the surrounding college, has helped in volunteering students for events and resources. Residents and friends of the surrounding communities have become great volunteers.

“I want to say ‘thank you’ to all and most importantly to all in our community for making us a community center,” Hanoman said in a closing statement.

Hanoman hopes to continue making significant positive changes in design and money well spent to make a difference for the Ross Community Center.

We hope you learned more about the subject matter of civil rights and how making a difference in the community matters. You can read more about Ross Community Center news here.

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