The COVID-19 crisis in India

By Conner Tighe

It’s now May, and as promised, President Joe Biden is ensuring vaccinations are being distributed to everyone possible in the United States. Unfortunately, the COVID-19 virus is mutating, evolving with the everchanging pandemic, and has taken its toll in India, where it’s now the worst outbreak yet.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has held political campaigns in West Bengal, India’s most populous state, to which the virus has spread rapidly. Hospitals are stacked with COVID-19 patients, and citizens with the virus are dying in the streets as the country struggles to keep up with the demand for vaccines—the B.1.1.7. the new strain of the virus was founded in Britain, but has now found its new home in India. Modi is receiving major flak on how he’s handled the virus.

On Friday, April 30, the Biden Administration has enforced restrictions on traveling from India to the U.S. to slow down the transmission rate. He’s expected to send vaccinations to India and other countries struggling to fight against the infection rates. Britain, France, and Germany have already expressed their concerns to India, and Biden’s response comes afterward, extending the helping hand of the West.

Sources: CNN, The New York Times, The New York Times, CNBC

Featured Image: USA Today

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